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Rudy Kehler

Rudy Kehler founded The Simplify Company in 2005 and consults on effective outreach and develops marketing tools.  The majority of these projects include website development, social media consultation and coaching. We help organizations answer the questions; “Who is your audience?” and “What are your key messages?”, and then work towards ensuring your key messages connect with your intended audience.

Rudy’s professional experience includes years of non-profit leadership, board involvement, start-up business development, local community leadership, experiential education leadership including outdoor adventure-based leadership.

Our business model includes numerous experts in graphic design, custom data work, print and training. We form custom teams as required on a project by project basis. Dependent on the size and complexity of your project, we gather the best people we know.

Rudy and his wife Maureen live on the edge of the lower mainland in the Fraser Canyon. They both work in and out of the greater Vancouver area. They enjoy cycling, hiking, sailing, sea kayaking and Rudy is the enthusiastic gardener and compost maker!

Simplify Social Marketing Ltd. (The Simplify Company) is a communications company that works with organizations interested in affecting society in a good way. Our services include project and program planning where we apply the concepts of social marketing, as well as more tangible products.

We utilize and teach the implementation of Social Marketing programs to help you address specific, targeted behavioral change. This typically involves working closely with organizations on goal setting, strategy development, audience research, program development, monitoring and evaluating. It can also include development of websites, social media tools, upgrading outreach materials and more.

The Simplify Company’s principal, Rudy Kehler, brings an active experience as non-profit leader, trainer, team builder, start-up business developer, web and social media consultant to each project. The Simplify Company builds project teams specific to each client’s unique goals to ensure the required skill sets are provided by suitably talented team members.

What do you need,
to make a change?

What We Do

Social Marketing

We develop programs (marketing) with you that encourage a behavior change in your target audience. Change that benefits your audience and society (social). Outside which box shall we think with you?


We donate the equivalent of one website each year. We select organizations that are committed to making a difference in their particular field or geographical area. Are you changing something?


We make them.
We fix them.
We host them.
We optimize them for search.
We teach you how to run them.

Social Media

We provide strategy guidance, policy development, coaching and even content development for your social media presence online.

Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association

Pacific Northwest Social
Marketing Association

International Social Marketing Association

International Social
Marketing Association



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